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This is what my clients have said about different aspects of their Life Coaching experience with me:

What specific results, understandings and new skills has Life Coaching provided you with:

Personal Coaching, Lynette Breen, Hawkes Bay

"In my marriage I can be really effective in choosing a good way to communicate"


"I see situations from the other persons perspective and consider before responding"


Generally speaking, is there anything you particularly liked about the way I coached:

Personal Coaching, Lynette Breen, Life Coach Hawkes Bay

"Lynette may guide you but she lets you find your own way"


"I liked your laughter and the view!  And your flexibility and the sense of not being hurried and that you know exactly what you are talking about - your confidence"


What has changed in your life:

Life coach, Hawkes Bay, Personal Coaching, Lynette Breen

"My confidence has grown in my belief to be successful in my professional & personal life"



"A massive reduction in stress, anger, resentment and all things negative"


How successful was your programme & what would you say to someone thinking of hiring a Life Coach :

Personal Coaching, Lynette Breen, Life Coach Hawkes Bay

"​'Wired for Love' was 'out of the ball park' successful"



"Very successful!"


You, as a person, are important to me.  You are not just “my next client”.  Because of this, I limit the number of clients I work with at any one period.  This gives me time between our sessions to work on your notes, enabling me to encourage, support, stretch and motivate you fully.

Lynette Breen, Life Coach, Hawkes Bay

I am passionate about what I do and have been doing it since the mid 1980’s, so have years of practical experience, training and knowledge to draw from.  In addition, I am a registered, certified New Insights Pro LifeCoach with over 200 hours of specialist training and so, if required, I have the backing, support and collective wisdom of the New Insights community of Life Coaches. 

I also know that it’s important to up-skill to stay at the top of my game, so am always making opportunities to do this.

What clients say about programs
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