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Corporate Coaching

Empowered, positive people with common goals build a formidable team

At present I offer the following services focused around personal coaching:

You choose:  Skype or face-to-face

Meet Lynette to get direction, focus, increased self-esteem & motivation

We discuss your Business aims and objectives and explore how Coaching will best support your desired outcomes



Choose to continue and we will formulate an action plan to ensure the Coaching content and interval is tailored to your specific Business needs. 

My objectives:

  • provide interactive, thought provoking and stimulating workshops

  • cover a range of currently relevant topics

  • ensure that each workshop has practical information, techniques, tools and strategies that are easy to implement

  • ensure that people leave the workshop with something tangible they can use to make positive life changes

Free Session
Corporate Coaching Programs


worshop. strategies to manage stress effectively.

Let's make a change

Stress has become commonplace, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Discover practical tools to help identify, manage and change stress in your life, so that you control it, rather than having it control you.

Confident Me

increase your self-esteem. how to feel good about yourself

Building self-esteem

How you view yourself has impact on how you operate in the work place, relate to people and live your life.  Discover practical applications from perspectives that people wouldn’t normally think about.

Abundant Life

designer workshops to suit your circumstances.workshop catered for your business

Make choices with confidence

Are you getting what you want out of your life? Make better choices & decisions.  Understand your values.   Learn practical strategies and tips on how to be more effective in your workplace and at home.

Let's Talk

how to communicate.communicate communication. leadership

Keys for communication

Effective communication is essential for building great relationships and operating at a higher level in all areas of our lives.  Explore concepts and insights that will give you strategies to communicate more effectively and maximise the way you operate.

Empowering Mindset

knowing how to make top quality decisions.Smart decision making

Build a positive mindset

What do you believe you can and can't do? Discover how beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. Create and build empowering beliefs to ensure your personal and business success

Emotive Intelligence

Lynette Breen, Life Coach, Hawkes Bay, Health & well-being workshops

Master your emotions

Boost your emotional intelligence, build respect, appreciation and understanding by discovering the implications of gender influence, attitude, discomfort and expression of anger & empathy.  

Mind Power Series

Do diets work.what is the best diet.healthy eating.good food choices

The amazing power of the mind

The science of Brain Change. In this series we explore stress, addictions, anxiety, depression and much more, as well as different aspects of brain change and renewal.  You do have the power to change - master how to use your power wisely.

Dynamic Networking


The Art of Connecting

Are you a skilled networker?  In this two part workshop, learn the art of networking by discovering the power of charm, confidence, rapport building and much more.


corporate participant 8.jpg

Live by choice

Ensure balance in your business and personal environments by understanding how to choose positive drivers to effectively fulfil your Needs.

Popping the Growth Cap

corporate banner 2.jpg

Steps for forward focused change

Positive, forward-focused steps for implementing change.  Focus on the future you are able to change and use these practical tools and strategies to pop the growth cap on your business

Specifically for You

Feel inspired, motivated, focused, positive & uplifted on a regular basis.  See a Life Coach

Something different?

Do you have something different in mind?  Together, we design Coaching content tailored specifically for Your Business.   

This is what Participants have said about workshops:

What would you say to someone thinking of attending this workshop

& why?

corporate banner 4.jpg

"Just do it. I highly recommend it.  Invigorating, interesting content delightfully explained. I certainly take away a lot of food for thought to include in my life. Thanks"


"It's worth attending.  It helps uncover & unravel reasons for deep-seated stress related attitudes"


Participant appraisal


You don't build a business,  you build people

 and then people build the business
Zig Ziglar

All Workshops are half day and designed to either be stand-alone, or worked through consecutively to provide comprehensive, effective understanding & practical application

800nzd per Workshop

for up to 10 people

Pricing may change subject to Workshop tailoring

Room and refreshments to be provided by client

Corporate pricing
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