My Story

I live in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand with my wonderful husband.  We have two great sons who have left home to experience their own excitements!

This is a brief overview of my history: 

I grew up on our family farm in Zimbabwe and then did a bit of international travelling.  In 1986, I went to university in South Africa where I completed an Honours degree in Science at the University of Natal, and then went on to work in a Science Support facility.

It was around this time when I realised I loved working with people to achieve their best, so began life coaching, mentoring and counselling after hours.  Three years later my husband and I moved to the Western Cape for a few years where we started a family, before moving back to the farm in Zimbabwe.  In Zimbabwe I directed and ran 3 businesses which were focused on primary industries and also remained very involved in coaching, mentoring and counselling.  In Zimbabwe’s tumultuous political anarchy, our farm was seized and our houses burnt down and we ended up leaving everything except our furniture and moving to New Zealand in 2002. 

Since being in New Zealand, mentoring and coaching have been remained my passion, although I have been involved in a number of other areas. I joined the Science staff at one of the local girls high schools, have been active in high school science and education, served on the Hawke’s Bay Science and Technology Fair Committee, written technician practical handbooks for the National Science Curriculum, advised on and presented for the Science Technician course run by Real World Education, held community leadership positions and served on the Board of Trustees for one of the high schools in the area.  All this time my interest in helping people to achieve their full potential became more and more important to me, so I decided to become a professional Life Coach. 

It really excites me to see people focusing on their best, making excellent choices and achieving what they set out to do. 


I would consider it a privilege to be part of your support team.

Lynette Breen, Life Coach, Hawkes Bay
Lynette Breen, Life Coach, Hawkes Bay
Lynette Breen, Life Coach, Hawkes Bay