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What People Ask

Life Coaching, in a nutshell, is about you

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is all about


It’s about focusing on and achieving your life goals.  It’s a way of being empowered and realising your true potential.  You learn what causes you to feel things you don’t want to feel, how to deconstruct the experiences and how to change your thinking patterns and approach to circumstances.  This enables you to build and maintain a more positive future.

How does a Life Coach help you?

What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach understands that you know the most about your own life and where you want to take it. 

The Life Coach acts more as a facilitator who draws the solutions out of you with informed listening and questioning techniques. A skilled Life Coach will give tools, skills, techniques and support so that you learn what causes you to feel things you don’t want to feel, how to deconstruct the experiences and how to change your thinking patterns and approach to circumstances.  This enables you to build and maintain a more positive future.  A skilled Life Coach will also support you to grow your self-esteem, skills, motivation and capacity.

Is seeing a Life Coach useful if I don't have a problem?

Do I need to have a “problem” before I can see a Life Coach?

No, you don’t need to have some kind of ‘problem’.

In my experience, I work best with ‘whole’ people.  As Bill Burridge says “Whole people are people who have a desire to live to their true potential, who want to go beyond the normal, break out of boring routines and experience a purposeful and exciting life; people who know that they are capable of so much more yet don’t know quite how to get there; people who choose to live life by making an impact on the world rather than sitting back and letting the world make an impact on them”.

the difference between a Life Coach & a counsellor or therapist

Does a Life Coach do the same thing as Counsellor or Therapist?

No, A Life Coach does not do the same thing.

A Counsellor or Therapist helps you get to the root of your problems by listening with empathy to your past experiences.  They will offer extra support, some outside perspective or some expert guidance. A skilled Life Coach focuses forward and draws your solutions out of you with informed listening and questioning techniques.

Will a Life Coach ask me about my past?

Does Life Coaching deal with a person’s past?

No, Life Coaching focuses on the client’s future. 

It accepts what currently exists in a person’s life and what the client can do by their own action and self-belief to change their life for the future.  In fact, I find it unhelpful, particularly in the first two sessions, to know about the client’s past as it places limits on what I think the client is capable of achieving.  My goal is to get you to be the best you can be, achieve your best and go for gold.

the difference between a Life Coach & a mentor

Is a Life Coach a Mentor?

No, a Life Coach is not a Mentor.

A Mentor shares their own knowledge and wisdom and teaches a less experienced person how to get further in life.  A Life Coach will give you tools, techniques and skills to change your thinking patterns so that you approach circumstances from a positive, proactive perspective.

the difference between a Life Coach & a consultant

Is a Life Coach like a Consultant?

No, A Life Coach does not Consult.

A Consultant provides expert advice in a particular area to a client in order to help the client make the best choices.  A Life Coach has the perspective that "you know what works best for you".  By showing you techniques and tools and asking relevant, skilled questions you are empowered to make positive, life changing choices that work for you. 

How will Life coaching help me?

What are the benefits of Life Coaching?

There are several benefits, some are:

More money

More of life

More of a network and community

Better decisions

Faster development

Specific focus

More solutions

More drive to “get there”

Is Life coaching by skype possible?

Do you Skype coach?

Yes, I often Skype Coach.

Skype coaching enables me to coach both Nationally and Internationally.  I find it an easy and effective way to coach.

Will Life coaching make a difference to my future?

How will Life Coaching change my life for my future?

The most obvious ways that Life Coaching can change you are:

  • You will find it easier to set clear objectives for the future

  • Coaching will assist you to create healthier, more effective routines

  • You will feel that you are on a clear path, even on a ‘fast track’

  • Financial independence will start to become a reality

  • You will be more available to yourself, others and your business or job

  • You will want to contribute to and support others more

How to pay for coaching sessions

What payment options do you have?

I have several payment options, which include:


Internet Banking

Western Union


Can I do Life Coaching sessions with my partner, family or friends

Do you coach couples or groups?

Yes, I do coach couples or groups

Depending upon the program, some sessions can be joint sessions while others need to be individual. Speak to me and we can "custom make" your coaching.  I also run Health and Well-being workshops for Businesses and Groups

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